Puerto Plata free zone industrial park, is an entity managed by Industrial Development Corporation Free Zone of Puerto Plata, Inc. It is a joint venture non-profit organization, with the participation of government and the private sector, a broad representation of business, educational, governmental and municipal organizations in the city of Puerto Plata and the country itself, represented by prominent businessmen, who work in an honorary capacity for the development of the sector. It is classified and registered as Code No. 02-000 as Operator Zone for the activity to "promote, develop and manage the Industrial Free Zone of Puerto Plata".

Our park is more attractive as the prime location of the city, north of the island, which has the closest U.S. seaport, located just 3 Kms. away from the Industrial Park, an airport with international operations, 20 Kms. away from our facilities, constantly growing tourist infrastructure and skilled labor.

All these advantages make the Free Zone of  Puerto Plata an excellent choice for investors.